Mr. Tonghe Zhu- Innovative Leadership -Young Scientist Award Mr. Tonghe Zhu, Shanghai University of Engineering Science, China  🔗 Professional Profiles Scopus Orcid Summary Dr. Tonghe Zhu is a renowned professor
 Mr. Alex Eclador Ngankem | Radiation Protection | Best Scholar Award Mr. Alex Eclador Ngankem, Centre for Atomic Molecular Phscis and Quantum Optics (CEPAMO) of University of Douala, Cameroon 🔗
Dr. Mohammed Aufy | Molekular Biologie | Best Researcher Award 🧑‍🏫Dr. Mohammed Aufy, University of Vienna, Austria 🔗 Professional Profiles Google Scholar  Dr. Mohammed Aufy 🌟 Dr. Mohammed Aufy is
Prof. Xing Huang - Innovative Leadership | Best Researcher Award 🧑‍🏫Prof Xing Huang, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China  🔗 Professional Profiles Google Scholar  🎓 Education Nov 2016 – Oct 2017: Visiting
Prof Dr. Genggeng Liu | Innovative Leadership | Best Researcher Award Prof Dr. Genggeng Liu, Fuzhou University, China 🔗 Professional Profiles Google Scholar  🎓 Academic Qualifications Ph.D. in Mathematics and
Prof Dr. Juan Li-Best Researcher Award-Best Researcher Award Prof Dr. Juan Li, Nanfang Hospital, Southern Medical University, Guangzhou, China 🔗 Professional Profiles Orcid  Scopus  🏅 Academic and Professional Background Dr.
Prof. Li Liu-Innovative Leadership-Best Researcher Award Prof Li Liu, Soochow University, China 🔗 Professional Profiles Orcid  📚 Dr. Li Liu - Associate Professor at Soochow University Li Liu is an
Assoc Prof Dr. Dan Zhang , Innovative Leadership, Best Researcher Award Assoc Prof Dr. Dan Zhang, Henan Polytechnic University, China  🔗 Professional Profiles Scopus  Dan Zhang, Associate Professor 🎓 Dan
Assoc Prof Dr. mingguang shi - bioinformatics-Best Researcher Award Assoc Prof Dr. mingguang shi, hefei university of technology, China 🔗 Professional Profiles Orcid Dr. Mingguang Shi 🌟 🏫 Position: Associate
Dr. Hashmat Ullah Khan | Conflict Management and Resolution | Best Researcher Award Dr. Hashmat Ullah Khan, Institute of Middle Eastern Studies, Northwest University, Xi’an, China  🔗 Professional Profiles Orcid

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